Etsy360’s Story and Vision

June 22, 2016    

I started Etsy360 because my wife was and still is selling on Etsy.com.  One day she asked me if there was a way to display her products on her website.  She wanted to provide more of an e-commerce approach, keeping the customer on her website as much as possible without having to manage two separate websites.  Etsy Mini was not an option and she had looked for other solutions but came up short. There…    read more 

Traditional Website vs Etsy’s Pattern

April 7, 2016    

Well, I have to say that I’ve looked into Pattern by Etsy and overall it seems to do a great job of showcasing your Etsy Shop Listings… but that’s it. Etsy most likely is catering to those that do not understand how or what it takes to get a website up and running.  However, there are several limitations to using Pattern over a having your own traditional website and I’m going to…    read more