Short Code Definitions


[/shop_listings_by_ids ids="123456789,123456789,123456789"]
Use this shortcode to display a single listing or a group of listings by entering the listing ids separated by commas.

Shop Listings with paging = [/shop_listings]
Used for main shop page.

Featured Listings = [/shop_featured_listings]
Used for featured listings.  Can be placed on the same page as the shop page or on the home page.  Or wherever you find it of use.

Shop Sections Listings = [/shop_section_listings section_id = 15202266]
Used to break down each shop section.  Allows you to make individual shop section pages.  The section_id MUST be provided.

Shopping Cart = [/e360_cart]
Used to create a stand alone cart page.

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Downloading and Installing

After you have purchased Etsy360 Extended you’ll want to install on your WordPress website.  This will help you with that process:


1) The Etsy360 OAuth Plugin is no longer required and will not show as an available downloads and can be discarded in this install video.

Downloading and Installing Video

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Connecting to your Etsy shop

1) Click the Connect button under the Etsy360 General Tab

2) You’ll be asked to log into your Etsy shop if you’re not already signed in

3) Next, You’ll be ask to Allow Access… click the Allow Access button.

4) You’ll be taken back to your website and if the connection to your shop was successful then you’ll see a green checkmark.  Done!


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Creating main Shop page

Note: If for whatever reason you don’t have access to the short-code list on the right you can use the short-code in the video [ shop_listings ] to display your shop listing.

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Installing the Cart Extension

The below video will explain the process of installing and setting up the Cart Extension.  If you have any questions or issues with getting the plugin to work, please request support by logging into your Etsy360 Account and submitting a support ticket.


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