Because every penny counts when running your online business, we’ve provided a monthly payment option to help keep some of your hard working money in the bank.

  • WordPress Plugin
  • It takes minutes to install and updates automatically as you make changes to your Etsy shop.
  • Shop Listing Page
  • Shop Sections / Categories sidebar widget
  • List Featured Items
  • Place shop sections on any page
  • Place individual listings on any page
  • Displays how may times a listing has been favorited
  • Looks good on any device
  • Item details page
    • Item Varieties Selection
    • Quantity Selection
    • Image gallery
    • Item Shipping Details
    • Policies
    • Additional Information
  • True e-Commerce experience
    • Floating Cart
    • Optional Cart page
    • Visitors can add and remove your products from their cart
    • Visitors directed to Etsy to process their payment
  • Configure
    • Set number of items per page
    • Option to display paging on top of items page
    • Product paging (Page 1, 2, 3, 4, Next > )
    • Custom color picker to match your theme
    • Define number of columns on products page
Monthly Subscription

$8.50/ Month

* $25 Signup Fee

Annual Subscription

$90.00/ Year

* $0 Signup Fee