Etsy360’s Story and Vision

by Damian in Standard on June 22, 2016

I started Etsy360 because my wife was and still is selling on  One day she asked me if there was a way to display her products on her website.  She wanted to provide more of an e-commerce approach, keeping the customer on her website as much as possible without having to manage two separate websites.  Etsy Mini was not an option and she had looked for other solutions but came up short.

There are a number of ways to market your handcrafted products but the thing is, what’s the most effective and affordable way to do that?

So I set out to develop Etsy360… with any starting business you need a business plan, a road map as to what it’s going to look like for me and for my customers.  I knew going into this that is was more than just displaying her products online.  It needed to be a complete marketing channel.  I needed to provide solutions that will help Etsy shop owners promote and sell their product online from their personal website effectively.

My first goal was to provide the Etsy Item Listings / Details with Shopping Cart and make sure that it worked as advertised.  As with any new product, there were some growing pains I had to work through. I feel my first goal has been achieved and now working to build more useful plugins to help you sell more…

My second goal is to continue to build affordable solutions that help you market and sell your products from your website.  But not only that, provide you with resources such as video tutorials on marketing your products on Facebook or Google or how to build customer retention so they keep coming back.  It’s important to note that this takes a tremendous amount of effort to make sure the products and offerings are the very best possible.

So as promised, I’ve created a new plugin called Notifi which is a stand-alone plugin (meaning you don’t need to have other Etsy360 plugins to use it) to send Push Notifications to your customers from your website.  It’s intended to re-engage your customers who have opted in.  I’m thinking of doing a short video on the benefits to this type of marketing.

There are a number of ways to market to your handcrafted products but the thing is, what’s the most effective and affordable way to do that?  That’s where I come in… I want to provide you with meaningful digital tools and resources to help you sell your products.  You work hard and selling them shouldn’t be.

Please comment and let me know your thoughts. I’d love to hear your feedback and ideas on how Etsy360 can help you sell more.

Thanks so much,
Damian Clem
Founder / Developer


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