Etsy360 2.0 Beta is Coming!

Etsy360 2.0 Beta has expanded to allow you to embed your Etsy Shop on ANY website!  WordPress will no longer be required to use Etsy360 and can be used with your favorite website builder.

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You’ve spoken, we listened!  With Etsy360 2.0 Beta you’ll have the flexibility to embed your Etsy Shop on any website builder platform of your choice, such as, Wix, Squarespace, Weebly, GoDaddy or even your own custom website!  Building Etsy360 2.0 has been a fun but massive undertaking and many, many hours has gone into the development to make Etsy360 available to EVERYONE wanting to grow their online Etsy business.  We are excited to be able to offer Etsy360 2.0 to you! 

What is Etsy360?

Etsy360 is currently, an easy to install WordPress Plugin that allows you to embed your Etsy Shop Listings on your WordPress website. Etsy360 streams your Etsy shop— all of your listings, product photos, descriptions and more— right your website. As you make changes to your Etsy Shop all newly added or updated items are updated in realtime.  

Etsy360 2.0 will allow anyone wanting to promote their Etsy Shop on ANY website.

Manage Your Etsy Items Once

With Etsy360, when you make changes in your Etsy Shop, the items on your website are changed in real-time. This means there's no need to manage two separate shops which saves you time and money.

Retain Your Customers

Etsy360 is more than an e-commerce platform, it's a way to keep your customers engaged. It's important to keep your customers on your website as much as possible but moreover, keeping them coming back.

Built In Shopping Cart

That's right! Etsy360 offer the ability for your customers to add items to their own shopping cart. This allows your visitor to continue to shop on your website. Once your visitor is done shopping they click checkout and are taken to Etsy to complete their order.

Install In Minutes

The installation of Etsy360 is very easy. We offer some great video documentation to help you get your Etsy Shop listed on your website in no time. But don't worry, if you need help, we also offer plugin installation support as well.

Yes! New Releases Are Included

When you purchase Etsy360, you are a member and will receive FREE updates and new features for as long as you hold an active subscription.

Awesome Support

We are here to help anyway we can. As a valid license holder you can submit a ticket from your Etsy360 Dashboard.

Beta Program

Sign up below to get notified of when Etsy360 2.0 will be available and when you’ll be able to create your new Etsy360 2.0 account.  We want to insure that the level of support is there for our users, so we will be selecting a number of users to be part of our Beta Program.  The Beta Program will allow us to focus on making sure the onboarding, setup and software operates at maximum efficiency.  Don’t worry! For those that aren’t selected, we will be providing a promotion on it’s official release date happening in Q2 of 2021 that you’ll NOT want to miss!

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If selected for our Beta Program, we will provide you with a LIFETIME subscription to Etsy360 2.0 and any newly added features will also be included!


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