Embed Etsy Shop In Squarespace With 4 Simple Steps

Etsy is an incredible marketplace for new sellers, and Squarespace allows sellers to easily build their own store! Now, with Etsy 360, you can display your Etsy shop on your Squarespace store and drive traffic from around the globe!


Top 3 Benefits of Integrating

  1. Less competition. When customers browse your Etsy shop, they see your products among many competitors, all one click away. While this can help get your products recognized, as you begin building your own traffic, you’ll want to keep them in your store. Moving your shop to Squarespace allows you to promote only your products and reduce competition!

  2. New marketing opportunities. Moving your store to Squarespace improves your visibility and comes with loads of new opportunities! By exploring things like SEO, blogging, and email marketing, you can engage your audience and profit off visitors even if they don’t make a purchase. Visit the “Increasing Sales through Integration” section to learn how to start marketing with Squarespace!

  3. Building your brand. While Etsy is an incredible platform for getting started, it lacks the customization abilities that are necessary to build your brand. By using Squarespace, you can customize nearly any aspect of your store, which gives you the opportunity to implement your brand colors, fonts, images, and style!

Integrate in 4 easy Steps

Step 2

Follow video instructions

Step 3

Create necessary pages

Step 4

Configure your Etsy360 Settings

Boost Sales Through Integration

Etsy is a super powerful tool for kickstarting your business and it provides convenient tools for new sellers to get their products out there. You can easily manage your inventory, checkout, and transactions with Etsy’s tools; however, Etsy lacks fundamental tools for scaling your brand. 

The ability to personalize the branding and layout of your store allows you to build a strong brand that’ll keep customers coming back for more. Creating a unique customer experience is necessary for developing relationships and obtaining these repeat customers. 

Why Integrate Etsy with Squarespace? ​

By integrating Etsy with Squarespace, you can take advantage of these customization tools while still using Etsy to host your checkout pages and transactions. Squarespace provides countless tools for getting your brand recognized and creating a unique customer experience.

Squarespace has been recognized as the greatest platform for professional-looking sites without the hassle of learning how to code. Now, with Etsy 360 you can transition your brand from a side hustle to a full-blown business, without leaving behind the luxuries of Etsy! 

Making the switch to Squarespace is the first step in developing your brand, and next we’ll discuss how to begin driving and converting customers! 

Increasing Sales through Integration

Once you’ve made the integration and you’re ready to dive into the world of customers outside of Etsy, it’s time to learn how to reach them! Etsy provides a number of marketing tools, but building an organic traffic source pays significantly higher dividends than relying on boosted posts. 

Once you’ve identified your branding, you can begin to take advantage of these free and organic marketing strategies! Squarespace allows sellers to implement a number of them directly to your website: 

  • Blogging 
  • SEO 
  • Email marketing 


Building a blog, even producing a single post per month, can build up organic search traffic as well as engage users within your niche. If you sell pet supplements, writing a post on pet health will bring your target audience to your content, where you can recommend your products! 


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) allows you to rank your website on search engines by targeting relevant keywords or keyphrases. Including keywords into your titles, subtitles and content allow users searching for that term to find your website. This brings in targetted, organic traffic that can be converted into customers or subscribers. As your store grows and you’re brand becomes established, more traffic will be referred to your site! 

Email marketing 

Email marketing allows users to build a list of interested buyers by providing value in exchange for their email. For example, you could start a newsletter or provide a discount via email, then add them to a list of potential buyers. This can be extremely powerful because you can send promotions, sales, and new posts to a list of interested users!

How to Connect your Etsy Store Today

If you’ve read this far, you likely already have an Etsy store and you’re ready to scale it into a real business. So, the next step is to head over to Squarespace, where you can select one of many incredible templates and get started for as little as $12/month! 

Once you’ve started creating your website, you can immediately explore blogging, SEO, email marketing, and other strategies using Squarespace’s tools! After you’ve set up your brand, the final step is to head over to Etsy 360 to display your Etsy products on your website! 

With Etsy 360, you can easily implement your Etsy products, checkouts and transactions in your Squarespace store. This allows you to move into the world of customers and experiment with new marketing opportunities in a matter of minutes!